Who are we

Office-at-dawnThe Bulgarian company “Business Alliance America Europe Russia” Ltd. – B.A.A.E.R. Ltd. is part of a Business Alliance (union), which includes the companies:

– Belgian IT consulting company ACATS BVBA, founded in 1998 in Antwerp, Belgium;

– and “BAAER Russia”, established in 2014 with location in Moscow, Russia.

We also have several partners in the USA (Healthcare and IT), Benelux (Healthcare and IT), Ireland (IT) and Bulgaria (IT), which helped us to choose this name for our company.

Business Alliance”B.A.A.E.R.” Ltd. is an expert company in providing Oracle consulting and IT services. At present, we have specialists in different areas, as most of them are experts with Oracle certified levels – Oracle OCA, Oracle OCP, Oracle BI Certified Implementation Specialist and with recognized certifications in Information Security Standard ISO 27001:2013 and CCNA Data Center Certified (Cisco). Among the clients of our alliance are leading companies and organizations operating in different areas – financial institutions, telecoms and others.

Some of the clients of our alliance were or still are:

  • Thomas Cook – one of the biggest international accredited travel agencies;
  • KBC Bank – big Belgian universal multi-channel bank;
  • Lanxess Chemicals – the fourth-largest chemicals group in Germany;
  • Pfizer – one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies;
  • Norsk Hydro (Statoil) – one of the largest aluminium, oil and gas industry companies worldwide;
  • Umicore – a multinational materials technology company head-quartered in Brussels;
  • Yara Chemicals – Norwegian-based chemical company, one of the biggest producers of nitrogen fertilizers;
  • Christian Mutuality (CM) – big Belgian health insurance company, etc.;

Through years of cooperation with small and big companies, we have created a network of SMB and freelancers, which enables us to take on larger projects, where we operate like single point of contact (SPOC) towards customers.


Working united as a single force – helped us to choose for our slogan the Latin expression: Coniunctis Viribus” – “With united forces”.

Our credo

The idea of peer-to-peer mutual work within our business alliance implies our credo – transparent and candid relations between one other and with our clients. We have open policy to all our employees, in-house IT specialists, freelancers, alliance partners and clients.


Our mission is to offer high quality, flexible and competitive wide range of IT and consultancy services. We believe that in this way we can reduce our client expenses, without any compromise on the quality, be available 24/7 regardless of which part of the day it is.

When your specialists are on a vacation or have days off for any reason, someone from our specialists will always be at hand so solve your problem on time, because we know how important and sometimes vital for our clients IT services are.


Our team consists of senior and junior DBAs, other senior IT specialists (network engineers, developers, system administrators, etc. and administration.


Our main office is situated at a highly communicative place in the very center of Bulgaria’s capital – Sofia at Graf (Count) Ignatiev Street.

Where are we

Sofia Office – 53 Graf Ignatiev Str., entr. G, fl. 1