Oracle OWB2ODI Converter

by Database & Technology

We are presenting you our Partner’s unique semi-automated tool  for Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle ODI migration.

The ADVANTAGES of the Converter:

Save a lot of time, efforts, costs, resources and human mistakes

  1. It is a semi-automatic tool;
  2. It speeds up significantly the migration process;
  3. The conversion can be done either on-site at the customer or remotely, starting from export of the OWB project.
  4. OWB to ODI converter service works for ALL the OWB and ODI releases and does the whole migration, not only part of it.



  • The Converter acquires OWB repository’s metadata and it generates the corresponding ODI repository.
  • Algorithms in OWB are transferred in ODI and OWB operators are transformed in corresponding ODI operators.

Supported versions: OWB v. 9.2 or higher; 

                                 ODI v. 10g or higher (up to v. 12c).

The typical conversion scenario includes:

  1. Acquiring of OWB mdl file;
  2. Importing it locally;
  3. Perform of extract process to get and store OWB’s metadata.
  4. Analyzing the metadata and performing the migration.
  5. Finally – converting and installing the ODI xml files into client’s environment.

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Creator and owner of the OWB2ODI Converter is our Partner:

Database & Technology s.r.l.  D&T-logo-500x500_web

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20142 Milano, Italy



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B.A.A.E.R. Ltd. is OWB2ODI Converter exclusive sales representative for:  Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia.

We also have non-exclusive sales rights for: Benelux, Turkey…

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