Remote DB management

B.A.A.E.R. can provide Customer with a complete set of remote database management, which includes:

  • Remote-DB-managementAudit & Health check:

We can perform tests to confirm, if the installed software is licensed correctly, before any official audits take place.

We analyse your situation, provide a report and propose corrections, if necessary.

We offer database audits, so you can guarantee before any official body, that all protection and privacy regulations are enforced over the data.

We can also perform a check for any suspicious activities, which will be deactivated and we will enhance Customer security.

  • Backup and Recovery:

We will make Backup Schedules depending on your business needs. We can assure every type of backup: RMAN (full and incremental) export/import, datapump, flashcopy, export to tape library etc. We can propose and implement any kind of recovery solution depending on the requirements.

  • Upgrade and migration:

We can upgrade and/or migrate your Oracle software and databases from old versions like: Oracle 9i to the newest one – Oracle 12c.

  • Performance tuning:

We can optimize the performance of your databases to ensure they work in the most efficient way.

  • Disaster recovery:

We will inform you of the options you have to guarantee a 99,995% uptime of your data bases.

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support:

You can feel secure with our round-the-clock support. Always someone from our DBA specialists will be available to ensure the safety of your databases.

Additional Benefits:

  • Rapid Response Team:

In critical situations, you can rely on our rapid response team, which in the shortest possible time will analyze the problem and propose a solution or they can join your own team of specialists.

  • Proactive problem solving:

We do not wait until it is too late and something happens with your data. Instead, we observe all the symptoms of  your data base behaviour, so that we can be able to prevent a problem on time.

  • On-site response: on simple request:

In case you need our competency and services on-site, just ask and we will make the necessary arrangements, so that you can have one of our consultants in your office as soon as possible.

  • A lower database administration cost:
    It is cheaper to leave all your DBA services to us, instead of having in-house specialists all the time.

Here are just some of the facts, why:

  • Remote DBA monitoring at a fraction of a full time DBA cost, per instance per week;
  • Decrease of 10% per second instance; 20% per fifth instance; Clustering and DataGuard options separately rated;
  • 24/7 support at same rate;
  • On-site installations, upgrades, and consultancy: rate independent of time – weekends, nights, etc.;
  • Packs for permanent presence or urgent on-site support are available on request.