Oracle Consultancy

Our Oracle senior specialists can provide:


  • Design and Build of OracleDatabase (OLTP and DWH):

We can build any type of database based on Customer’s Requirements (ex. Oracle Airline Data Model).

  • Deployment and configuration:

We implement Oracle software. We install, configure and maintain according to Customer’s environment and requirements.

  • Database Management, Audit and Healthcheck: 

We monitor and manage Customer’s Databases.
We do regular reporting & health check.
We can perform tests to confirm if the installed software is licensed correctly, before any official audits take place.

  • Database Security management: 

We maintain User and Role management. We will assure data protection and encryption. We perform audit of databases based on predefined policy. We can help Customer to implement Oracle Security Solutions.

  • Project management (Project participation): 

We can assist with the design, deployment, integration, migration, installation and maintenance of Customer’s Oracle projects. We can implement and support Database consolidation projects.

IT_security– Oracle security:


We can help you with the implementation and support of Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) Suite Plus. Oracle SSO provides fast access to systems and applications, while increasing security and providing operational efficiency.


We can also assist you for the implementation and support Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), which has been incorporated by Oracle. Since its creation LDAP was intended to implement a standard for directory services, which in Oracle DB context means databases for the storage and retrieval of replicated information, which do not require many updates like: on-line catalogues; HR directories with employees: names, telephones number, email addresses, etc.

The LDAP standard simplifies management of directory information by: providing single interface for the users to assess directory services; reducing the need to add and coordinate redundant (identical) information in multiple services, replicated on different servers; improving security by avoiding the administrative burden to have separate directories, each with its own password policy.

– BAAER also provides expertise on E-Business Suite (EBS) applications for Finance sector, Government, Logistics, Aviation, etc.