Oracle Cloud Services provided by B.A.A.E.R.

At last Oracle Cloud is here! We are pleased to announce our Oracle Cloud services!

For FULL DETAILS, download B.A.A.E.R.’s ORACLE Cloud Services Presentation

Why Oracle Cloud?!   

BAAER Oracle Cloud Services1.Provides a complete, integrated stack for the cloud:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – The virtual hardware supplied by Oracle. It can include Virtual Machines (VMs), Storage, DNS, load balancers, VLANs, VPN, etc.

Platform as a service (PaaS) – The whole environments packaged as a service. For example, operating system and database, or operating system and application server, etc. Cloud PaaS can be used for – client’s database, Java or business intelligence (BI) applications.

Database as a Service (DBaaS) – The database is hosted and managed by Oracle in the cloud. DBaaS is a PaaS offering.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) – All the applications delivered over the Cloud. The client can extend these applications with social and mobile capabilities. Also within Oracle Cloud you do not need to rely on third parties to integrate these apps with your system. 

 2. Oracle Management cloud:

Integrated easy to use complete Cloud management tool for: Application performance monitoring; Log Analytics; IT Analytics (Big Data intelligence); Dashboards; Data Explorers, etc.

3. Free Developer Cloud Service:

For any client, who subscribes or buys: Java Cloud Service, Java Cloud Service-SaaS Extension, Messaging Cloud Service, Mobile Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service and Application Container Cloud.

4. Compatible with existing Enterprise database applications such as:

Oracle, DB2 (IBM), SQL Server (Microsoft) and Teradata (Teradata Corporation).

5. Easy scale up and down of all needed resources:

CPUs, memory, storage for your database/application, etc. when needed.

6. Cheaper than any on-premises environment:

You pay per core, memory and storage volume;


Oracle Cloud Services we provide:

BAAER Oracle Cloud Services– Consulting and preparation of complete tender, tailored for your needs in the Oracle Cloud;

– Setup a migration plan to the Oracle Cloud and take on the effective migration;

– Discounts on Oracle Cloud services, licenses, etc.; (purchase them with Partner’s discount); 

– Configuration of database and backups in the Oracle Cloud;

– Support, monitoring and reporting for your databases in the Oracle Cloud;

– When you have a new project – to handle this for you and start setup of development and test immediately in the Oracle Cloud.

– Make an audit on your already bought Oracle licenses and help you claim Oracle Cloud services for the unused, but paid ones.