Available Oracle Database Team for remote projects

Currently we have a great Oracle resource available. Whole, well synchronized team, with extensive experience and huge Oracle activities portfolio.

 oracle team

Team Profile

  • Certified Oracle experts with experience in designing, building, managing, and maintaining Oracle databases and application environments, with primary focus on database design and tuning.
  • Very dedicated, able to provide 24/7 support and on-site support, if required.
  • Vast experience in understanding business requirements and providing risk assessment and impact analysis.


Team Portfolio

Project Expertise

  1. Database tuning for critical systems:
  • Database tuning and optimization expertise;
  • Consultancy for I/O subsystems, network, identifying and eliminating/reducing of CPU bottlenecks;
  • Resolving performance problems related to memory allocation, Oracle OS kernel parameters, latch contention, buffer contention, I/O contention;
  • Statistics gathering strategies, Oracle SQL tuning, actively using SQL Profiles, stored outlines, SQL Plan Baseline to fix and avoid unstable plans with varying elapsed time per execution;
  • Defragmentation policy;
  • Tuning SQLs, recommending optimizer plans, indexes, rewriting of SQL queries;
  • Debugging and resolving issues with PL/SQL blocks;
  • Tuning BI and DWH jobs;
  • Building and managing of plans for data loads activities for BI and DWH;
  • Resolving daily performance issues;


  1. Customer transitions of exotic environments
  • Environment preparation based on business requirements;
  • OS and network evaluation and recommendations;
  • Maintaining technical documentation for the Oracle database migration process;
  • Risk calculation and business downtime estimations;
  • Installing Oracle software;
  • Creating, managing, and supporting Oracle databases, single instance, RAC one node, RAC on ASM;
  • Support of RAC on EXADATA;
  • Managing nodes in cluster;
  • Creation, management of RMAN backup / restore strategies;
  • Creation, implementation, and management of Data Guard strategies;


  1. Database migration and upgrade;
  • GRID and Database upgrade;
  • Patching GRID and RAC infrastructures;
  • Upgrade of over 120 databases for 1 day;
  • Oracle databases migration, cloning Oracle HOMEs;
  • Database duplicates;
  • Reviewing new Oracle versions, patches, products and methodologies and planning future releases / optimizations of working practices accordingly;


  1. EBS application
  • Administration;
  • Migration/cloning;
  • Upgrade and patching;


  1. Data Warehouse & QA
  • Database design. Star schema;
  • MVIEWs and query rewrite;
  • Partitioning and Parallelism Concepts;
  • Business requirements analysis;
  • Experience in ETL and financial data;
  • Test planning and execution;
  • Planning and management of data loads to avoid database performance degradation;
  • Environments preparation;
  • Troubleshooting, bug fixing;
  • Maintaining extensive documentation per release.


  1. Big Data & HADOOP
  • Designing and building project components. ETL, warehouse solutions;
  • Technical architecture;
  • Hadoop MapReduce;
  • Hadoop DFS;
  • XML (XPath, XSLT, Schema);
  • Cloud serviсes (Amazon EC2, Rackspace);
  • JAVA (J2EE, J2SE), Groovy;
  • Oozie;
  • Raw log files parsing (using finite-state machine model);

For any requests DO NOT hesitate to contact us for prices and availability.