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Opting for a DB Managed Service Provider – milestones to keep an eye for

If you already made the decision to use a third party to support your databases, how do you shortlist potential providers? You certainly need strong criteria to ultimately trust your data in the right hands. Here’s our view of the milestones you need to consider when researching the market and choosing the right database consulting services provider.


Smooth transition, clear processes and eliminating gaps when switching providers may seem very simplistic; however, this initial stage is crucial for both parties. Lacking to provide full documentation of the processes and systems overview hides a great deal of unpleasant surprises.


Communication funnel needs to be rock solid – clear communications means and processes. You need a partner that is there for you, so not only approachability but also readiness to be efficient on the spot. The true meaning of a dba support.


The technical potential of the selected provider is out of question but it’s wise to regard things in the long run. How they could exceed your expectations and contribute in the long-term? Do they have the ability to analyze the current company architecture and propose plans for improving it? Consider the design and architectural background of the shortlisted providers and their ability to provide solid dba consulting services.


Flexibility in terms of contracts is your best bet. Clients requirements change all the time so should your operations capacity. You need a partner that can offer you flexibility in terms of adjusting the billing cycle so it fits best your needs and works for both your company and your clients.


✔ Last but not least, price matters, however, you have to look at this decision as a key investment concerning the most precious of your company assets – your data. No matter how irresistible a proposal can be, think of it as a prospect of a long lasting partnership, so keep in mind other factors too.


The technical knowledge and proved experience over the years are no doubt key criteria for trusting your data to an DB managed service provider. Best way to go about it – ask for an advice, allocate time to consider various offers and choose among them the one that fits best your company requirements.


Working with highly experienced and certified database experts and having over 15 years of total experience, B.A.A.E.R. Ltd is successfully providing DB managed services to clients from various industries and size. Our approach – we like to talk to you, assess the environment and give you the best advice.


B.A.A.E.R.’s custom approach has helped customers in:


👉 Oracle/MSSQL Server DB managed services
👉 Migration to PostgreSQL RDS
👉 AWS Redshift migration and database support
👉 Migration to AWS Oracle, RDS
👉 Administration of SAP HANA and Sybase
👉 Decision making on type of database


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