Onsite for EU

European_flag_webIf you are an IT company, which needs any IT specialist – just send us your profile and we will find a matching profile, whom you can interview and make your decision.

We can provide several profiles in all domains:

  • 2nd level support;
  • . Net engineers;
  • System administrators;
  • B.I. Consultants;
  • Developers: Java, JavaScript, .Net, PHP, PL/SQL, APEX, HTML… ;
  • Database administrators…

One of the major benefits hiring an external consultant, who will work on-site, is that – he/she is self-motivated and much more productive, because concentrated on his/her assignment for a defined period of time.

As B.A.A.E.R. ltd. is situated in Bulgaria, we have some more advantages:

– Bulgaria is famous for its high qualified, very experienced and affordable IT specialists.

– As an EU member since 2007, this year has finished the 7-years restriction for local people to work without work permit in some of the other EU countries. So as we have our own Bulgarian IT specialists, there is no need for you to bother for work permits for people outside EU.

– For you also it will be quite easy as we take care for the salary of these specialists or freelancers. We guarantee that their taxes are paid in Bulgaria and that they are covered by their home country’s (Bulgaria) social security system in accordance to EU regulations, so that there is no question of social dumping!

– Our partners in your country can provide the necessary documents for you to be sure not to be bothered by questions on taxes and social security. We provide you with the guarantee that you are 100% within legal terms.

B.A.A.E.R. Bulgaria does not work with social dumping!