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The Rise and Rise of Remote Work

The Rise and Rise of Remote Work Or how to get more cost savings and take advantage of external global talent   If we can talk about anything “positive” in the Covid-19 pandemic...

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Remote IT Services to the Rescue During the Co-vid19 crisis

by Assen Natchev

As the Covid-19 pandemic is extending to more and more countries, causing expectations for even bigger economic crisis, the companies are preparing for possibly months without their staff in offices. In these hard times new possibilities emerge, giving chance for many companies not only to keep their business, but also to optimize their expenses.

BAAER is one of the companies offering a tested and reliable model, which can answer to these expectations – remote services.

To learn more about them, we had a conference call with its CEO Francois Van Leuven.

Francois has been in IT consultancy since its beginning. He works mostly as an Oracle DBA consultant, (technical) project manager and organizes remote managed services. He has been a consultant for companies like: KBC Bank, Norsk Hydro (Statoil), Pfizer, Yara Chemicals, Umicore, Thomas Cook, Lanxess Chemicals, Christian Mutuality (CM), Partena, Zedra, etc.


Tell us something more about the company and why you want to emphasize on its remote services?

B.A.A.E.R. was created in 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a successor of my Belgium IT company and up to now we have over 20 years of IT experience. Still Belgium managed, B.A.A.E.R. has been providing a full range of Database Managed Services and IT Consultancy to our clients and partners from Europe and especially to Benelux region.

For the last several years our remote consultants and managed services enjoy great customer satisfaction. Currently we have remote consultants working from our HQ in Bulgaria and from Croatia, Greece, Serbia and Italy. This allows us to be more competitive, affordable and time flexible (when working from home). We are also able to take bigger loads and spend more time on a customer.

In the current situation with Covid-19, our clients can trust us that there will not be any or just a negligible disruption in their business operations and work processes. We are seasoned professionals, we have the process, the knowledge and ability to do takeovers within days even hours upon a request. Most of all, we are very flexible with clients SLAs and make no compromises with the quality of our services.

Click to join our Free webinar Summit on Thursday, April 30th,May 7th and May14th showing how to manage your database without being physically onsite. There will be MSSQL and Oracle Sessions from master DBAs with over 45 years combined experience. You’ll be able to get a headstart and review what you’re doing from this first in a series of events from BAAER.
If your’e interested in MSSQL , you can join the summit at 11a.m Brussels time  and  for Oracle at 11:45.


Many companies now move to homeworking. How you are different from them and what makes you confident you can offer something new in the remote services?

In my opinion we just have an edge over other companies because we have been working in a remote position since 2014. It is a long-adopted model in our company. We do not need to motivate our team members or doubt in their productivity when working remotely. For us this is business as usual.

We have an already proven remote model with our clients. For example, we have been using it with companies like Christelijke Mutualiteit (CM) for 9 years.

Also, our people are trained to use remote technologies and they will not lose time to get to grips on different platforms and tools for remote work. We do not have to adopt new routines to work and report remotely. We have already well-established remote processes for monitoring and reporting to our clients.

The most important of our benefits is – we adapt to the security model of the customer! The security for our remote consultants is the same as for the consultant working in offices of our clients. <scroll down for Remote Security and More>

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