New Converter ODI11 to ODI12 tool by D&T

This efficient and fast application (tool) used together with Oracle Upgrade Assistant (UA) allows easier upgrade from ODI 11 to ODI 12 and prevents issues during and after the test.



BAAER’s Italian partner Database & Technology, the creator of the OWB to ODI Converter service, has created a new product – Convertor ODI 11 to ODI 12. 

Despite the product is at beta version, it made its international debut at the Bulgarian Oracle User Group (BGOUG) autumn event, 11-13th November at RUI Pravets hotel  at the town of Pravets Bulgaria. 

There on Saturday 12th November, at Hall D, the guest speaker Alberto Fazio presented D&T new Converter service in front of the BGOUG audience. 

Alberto has been Oracle DBA and Oracle developer since 1999. During 2011, he was also lecturer at Oracle University in Italy. He has been specialist in data integration, consultant and data architect in various projects. 


Here are the technical highlights of the new Converter:  

1.      The Oracle tool for ODI upgrade – Oracle Upgrade Assistant (UA) creates one ODI Mapping for each ODI Interface, but, in ODI 11, a lot of interfaces exist just to create a complex flow, with one or many inline views. It creates two ODI Reusable Mappings for each temporary Interface. ODI Temporary Interfaces and ODI Reusable Mappings are not the same object.

2.       With the D&T converter tool, each ODI Mappings is created starting from the real ODI Interface inside the ODI Package, until the last ODI Temporary Interface found in the previous one.

3.       In ODI 11, the choice to use more temporary interfaces to create a complex flow is necessitated by the software. ODI 12 has introduced mappings, so this choice is no longer used.

4.       UA creates a structure of model folders following the project structure and creates for each temporary interface one model with one DataStore (representing the Target DataStore of the temporary interface). This DataStore does not exist in the database, indeed, in ODI 11, these DataStores are only in the ODI metadata.

More details on how the new tool is working you can find in Alberto’s PRESENTATION