Middleware services

Middleware_servicesThrough one of our partners B.A.A.E.R. Bulgaria provides absolutely full range of Middleware services for commercial Application Servers domains like:

WebSphere by IBM,
– Weblogic by Oracle,
– GlassFish by Sun Microsystems (Oracle).
to open-source containers like:

– JBoss by Red Hat.
– Tomcat by Apache Software Foundation, etc.

For all of them we provide the following Java Enterprise solutions:

1. 24/7 Java Enterprise Application support:

–  Full time Application Support (24 hours/daily – 365/yearly);

–  Fast resolution of any server related software issues;

–  Expertise on troubleshooting Java Application Servers;

–  Management of High Availability Cluster Environments;

–  PKI and Trusted Certificates Management – implementation of SSL certificates on Java environment;

–  Deployment of new application releases;

–  Pro-active monitoring of server infrastructure.

2. Design, Architecture and Implementation of Java Application Infrastructure:

–  Build of High Level Infrastructure Designs for Java Enterprise Application Hosting Environments;

–  Configuration of JDBC Data Sources, GridLink, JMS Services;

–  High Availability Environments – Clusters;

–  PKI Configuration – SSL Security.

3. Creation of Disaster Recovery Scenario Plans:

– Build, test and implement possible Disaster Recovery Scenarios Plans for High Availability Java Enterprise Environments;

– Periodic testing of Disaster Recovery Sites to prove functionality.

4. Migration of Java Enterprise Applications:

– Migration of Java Applications from legacy old infrastructures to Cloud optimized and low cost environments;

–  Migration of Java Applications from Commercial Application Servers domains (Websphere/Weblogic) to open-source containers (ex. Tomcat);

– Migration Planning and Assessment;

– Project Management;

– Proof of Concept – upon request we provide “sandbox” environment, so that the customer can see a demonstration that the solution really works and test it.

5. High Availability Web Services:

–  Sizing and Troubleshooting large distributed Java Applications within complex Web Services Infrastructure;

–  Planning, Build and Implement High Availability Systems (Clustering, Grid);

–  Converting your current setup to High Availability system.