Magento services

We are pleased to announce our new service – Magento e-shop creation from scratch to fully functional e-commerce platform.

BAAER Magento servicesWhy Magento?

– Mostly used and reliable e-commerce platform in the world:

According to Hivemind Research Ecommerce Survey, currently Magento has 24.6% share after studying over 56,000 e-commerce websites in the Alexa Top 1 Million index.

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) designed friendly:

Magento has built-in functionalities for – SEO, Reporting and Analytics, etc.

– Extremely customizable:

Any design template in Magento 2 Community Edition can be altered to suit best your graphical preferences.  It comes with Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundled, Virtual and Digital Products. You can use it to sell amusement park tickets and digital music at the same time, without any extensions. Literally limitless modifications can be made to any design element;

– Customer orientated:

User-friendly. Loyal customers’ systems for promotions, must-go products and others. Customer & Catalog Management, B2B sales, Newsletters distribution, Delivery email notifications, Availability notifications, etc.

 – Very secure:

Security is a key component of Magento 2.0. It has security patches on a regular basis. Supports two-factor authentication, encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS), secure payments with PayPal, Braintree and gateways and other tight security features.

– Designed for bulk volumes:

Magento 2.0 is suitable for big volume portfolios up to tens of thousands of products.

It is quite scalable – a single Magento installation with one administration can manage several shops on different domains, with different designs, for different countries, on different languages, with separate prices, products, etc.


Magento Services we provide:

  1. Configuring the server

Magento runs best on pure Linux with Nginx, HTTP2, PHP-FPM + OpCache, Redis and Varnish caches. For best performance of your Magento store – a separate VPS hosting with at least 4 GB RAM is recommended.

  1. Uploading the products and configuring their attributes

We prefer to upload and configure the products before making the design of your e-shop, to see if everything is working correctly and to foresee the functionality changes the theme might need. This is done through scripts, that import thousands of products by using a well prepared spreadsheet.

Also we can import your products from your ERP system, together with their attributes – pictures, serial number, category, model name, quantity, price, etc.

  1. Installing and modifying a theme, configuring the payment and shipping methods

After installing every Magento theme can be redesigned – we can: change its colors, fonts, pictures and sliders; remove the unnecessary elements and add new ones; change the display of product’s information, etc.

Also we can add new eye-candy features like: banner sliders, animations, different image galleries, specially designed blocks and anything you need.

Some payment and shipping solutions are included in Magento 2.0 (taxes calculation, shipping cost by region, PayPal, UPS, FedEx…), others are free modules (like order and user management, marketing tools, new design elements etc.) and others must be created (see 4.)

  1. Creating new modules

If you need something specific like: ERP communication, customized shipping method, new payment gateway integration and any other to be implemented in your Meganto store – we can do this for you.


Portfolio: – ERP connected store; – a fast upload speed optimized store with about 6000 products; – store with simplified products upload; – the project we are currently working on;


For more information or professional requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.