Together we stand, divided we fall.

We originate from freelancers based company. Not that long time ago, our united forces with other freelancers have turned us into a respectful and competitive to big companies’ player, which obtained better and bigger deals.

Why joined freelancer forces are better?

Alone you cannot offer 24/7 services, but as a part of a team of freelancers, we turn this into an operational scheme.

You can do this as an extra after work hours or full-time when you don’t have a contract for example. For this we require people with enough technical skills and long term experience, so that we have a balanced team and can offer the best services.

Also we can propose you when we have a request for a development or management team for example. Joining forces makes us able to compete with the big players or offer them a service they could be interested in.

So if you think you can join us – you are always welcome to become part of our remote services team.

The open policy we follow Male_freelancer_Big

–          Work on a clear and honest way with all freelancers and have absolutely open policy towards them, so that they will always know how much we ask for them from the customer and how much they receive.

–          Honest and modest commission rates on every signed contract with a freelancer we have proposed to a customer. It is only from 10 up to 15% from the gross sum – nothing more, nothing less. It can go up 15% in the cases a freelancer wants our assistance on accommodation, travel arrangements, etc.

–          We shall NOT act as a third party – to take any money, just because we came up to your CV and forwarded it. We will NEVER propose your CV without your approval. We will only propose your CV when we have a project with an end customer or his preferred partner.

We invite you to send us your CV and we will publish it, if you want. If we are contacted by a third party, we will inform you and leave it up to you to negotiate with them.

Freelancers of the EU, unite!