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MSSQL Health Checks For Your Prospects!

 It’s New Project Time. Win More Contracts and Start Your Projects Faster this Season with Analyzer.

The Most Powerful Tool for Consultants to Get Instant and Actionable Strategic Insights of Your Client’s SQL Environment, Without Hours of Manual Audits, Relying on Guesswork and Months of Setup and New Project Transition Time

  • Get an overview of the entire database environment. 

  • Gather critical data and intelligence for your project strategy. 

  • Cut Down Project Transition times. 

  • Save Money with Licensing Recommendations.

             Get a Free Analyzer Account for 14 days + Free Consultancy To Help You Win New Business + 50% off License for First Year.

     “It took us 3-4 weeks to take over 70 SQL servers.” – Zedra

For SQL Consultants, CTOs and New DBAs. Looking to Win New Business or Start a New SQL DBA Project?

Don’t Miss this Incredible offer

It’s September again and demand is on the rise for new DBA projects. There is a short window of opportunity to get your pipeline filled up. 


To secure new projects however, you need to perform a robust audit and provide intelligent recommendations.  


The problem is, a robust analysis takes a lot of unpaid time.

Introducing the Most Powerful SQL Tool on the Market for Consultants, CTOs and New DBAs looking to start a New MSSQL Project.

“This tool is an absolute game changer in the speed in which it allows Consultants and New DBAs to have a complete overview of the setup.”

  • Real Time analysis means it takes the pain out of months of analysis and costs for starting new database projects.

  • Reduce database project transition time by gaining a better understanding of your database environment from the beginning.
  • Decrease project transition time for new teams to get up to speed and reduce migrations from months to weeks.

Here’s How the Analyzer Can Help you Win More Contracts This Autumn:

  • Instantly identify security /access issues with server admin(sa) users and connections to the database environment before something breaks.

  • View Start-up Parameters: The Analyzer tool provides visibility on what the Startup Parameters are loaded.

  • Identify tempdb contention. Avoid unresponsive queries and requests by identifying  tempdb ‘contention’ issues and sql engine performance problems.

  • Identify autogrowth SQL Server Transaction Log file  problems instantly to avoid being locked out of the server because maximum memory is reached.

  • Identify potential Licensing issues and save a ton of money in hidden costs and problem audits, before they come up.

  • Manage SQL Server Sprawl when DBAs cannot manage new instances being created and spiraling out of control they don’t know.

  • Run integrity and backup checks on all your databases in an instant.

  • Missing Alerts: Know instantly when failover happens and not one year later in your database environment.

  •  Checks if alerts for deadlock and most important alerts like conflicting queries are configurated, activated or not.

  • Get to your keys for TDA and Reporting services your database environment for SQL server before something really goes wrong. 


Get a Free Analyzer Account for 14 days + 50% off License for First Year + Unlimited Number of MS SQL Audits


We are so convinced that not only once you try it, you will be wondering how on earth did you manage without the Analyzer, but we are also convinced that it’s going to help you win new business.

Here Are The Steps:

  1. Sign up for your Free Analyzer Account for 14 days.

  2. We give you unlimited number of audits to perform over the 14 days to help you win new business and start new projects faster.

  3. Once you decide that Analyzer is for you, we are offering a 50% off our annual license fees + Unlimited number of audits for the first year*

Note: Once the 14 Day Trial is Up, there is no Automatic Charge you can opt to sign up for the 50% off License for First Year + Unlimited Number of MS SQL Audits while the Trial Account Lasts. Once the Trial is up the yearly license price will go back to it’s listed price.






 Every 6 months 

2 Audits per month





Every 6 months 

Unlimited Audits for 1Yr.
(Only for special offer)



The product  is groundbreaking and has many many strengths. 
Ajay Prakash – Microsoft Engineer


30% cost saving on SQL server consultancy

while delivering better service for us. – Partena


Usually our DBAs have to work 8 hours per

day to analyze the entire environment for 2

months, with this tool we do it in 2 weeks.

We saved money and time.Zedra

Our client’s data grew tremendously  in 6 months. The DBAs were unable to manage for about 2 years running. By using our tool, they were able to stabilize within 2 months. –Slav Galev